is an initiative of OMR Globus, realized by the Q One Tech Corporation, to fight fraud in the healthcare research industry.

Survey fraud within healthcare research is increasing. Fraudulent respondents can skew healthcare research, potentially impacting millions of people. Fraudsters are getting more organised, often allowing them to pass standard HCP verification processes.

Within Q One Tech we apply a 12 point scoring system based on criteria such as:

  • Verification of medical certificate / phone or face to face verification
  • History of disqualification from previous studies
  • Regularly changing their profile information
  • IP address country not matching country of residence
  • Rapid withdrawal of honoraria
  • Lack of SMS verification

We want to help our business sector combat this fraud. Therefore, we have decided to make this service available to the healthcare research community for free via this web portal and an API.

Check out our API Info for details of our free API.